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Techno Caddy burgudy

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Techno Caddy New inventory 2017 stock Every tried to keep all your electronic devices in one place on a TV trays, kitchen table and so forth, only have items to disappear or drop on the floor? Our Techno Caddy doubles as students desk or just the couch potato who wants all their devices in from them while they watch TV, no more TV trays to knock over. No phony doctored up photos here, what you see is exactly what you get. Techno Caddy is multilevel. Comes in Three colors: Wild Berry Stain Crimson Red Stain New Ebony Stain (Grey Black) Lacquer finish Reinforced with polyurethane. If we don't have item in stock please allow 3-5 business days until shipped ------- Materials: White pine very light weight, less than 5 pounds. Minwax and Sherman Williams Classic stains Cork Roll device protection sealed with polyurethane finish to prevent cracking and pealing -------------------- Cushion not provided, all you need is a common king size pillow stuffs in easily. We plan to provide in the future as a sided item, still underdevelopment. ---------------------- Dimensions are 32 long x 14.5 wide x 4 high. The inside dimensions are is 23" x 10.4" where you see the laptop and mouse on my pictures ------- If we do not have in stock pleas allow 3-5 business days process time. Shipping per request of selection default is 3 day ground. We promise to deliver on time. Returns: You may request a refund with 30 days of purchase, at which time a return label with RMA# will need to be requested via contact page with us our Etsy page. -------------------------- Model LAPTCA101
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