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Double Rifle Gunrack

Product Name:   Double Rifle Gunrack

SKU:  GSD1001


Beautiful, sturdy white pine wood Dual Gun rack for shot gun or rifle. Hand made sanded and stained in Wild berry colored stain. Rack has bottom shelf for shell or ammunition storage. Not just for you guns, but perfect for pool queues, fishing rods Father and man cave tested.... -------------------- White Pine Rack Dimensions 28 x 7.5 by 24' high, white pine is lighter so I add more of wider base for stability if place on mantle Weight 10 pounds Pre shipping time 3-5 days. You will always get new stock. ----------------- Materials -- White Pine . Lighter softer wood but makes a hearty gun rack. -- Wild berry wood stain (Turns more brown with wild berry streaks as it ages) -- Lacquer finish -- Black felt wood stock protection in stock holder -- white pine has a softer smother finished as more of knotty look. So don't freak out when you get your shipment thinking you got a big purple grape colored gun rack. After about two months it will tone down and be more brown. --------- Staining... -- White Pine, staining is unpredictable you can not see the patterns until stain is applied. You will have dark rich streets of pine and then next two it a bright blonde spot with a large pine knot that looks like and eye. Each complement each other. I call it the surprise wood. Keep in mind as it ages this stain Wild Berry will turn to a brown color and be less purple. I think it looks better as gets older, all the cabinets in my house have this color, it is lovely. Easily mounted on wall with two wood screws into walls studs. Recommend using felt strips between wall and rack
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